Digital SLR camera vs film camera

A little review of history to become a benchmark in the development of photographic technology, the development of cameras that look significant, can only be distinguished after the camera releases the next period in its development that relies on technology that makes the photographic process. Concrete examples of the most significant role in the changing world of photography are the film cameras and digital SLR (single-lens reflex) cameras. Both are the result of civilization in the world photography, which one has advantages and disadvantages of each.

On a film camera, of course, any users are faced with the fact that the use of film cameras are required to pay the printing costs with uncertain results. This is the highest risk for users of film cameras. In addition, before taking the picture, the user must prepare the film camera negative film roll and set it up properly. If not done properly, then the result can not be printed and will only produce a dark color. Continue reading