E-Readers That Are Environmentally Friendly

This time paper has begun to be replaced by the presence of e-readers. And you do not need to fear anymore because of e-readers will be disposable or can be recycled. Thanks to a professor of electrical field at the University of Cincinnati. Because of Dr Andrew Steckl who finds that in terms of the ability of the material, paper material is actually very similar to the glass or cup.

Steckl and UC doctoral student Duk Young Kim demonstrated that paper could be used as a flexible host material for an electrowetting device. Electrowetting (EW) involves applying an electric field to colored droplets within a display in order to reveal content such as type, photographs and video. Steckl’s discovery that paper could be used as the host material has far-reaching implications considering other popular e-readers on the market such as the Kindle and iPad rely on complex circuitry printed over a rigid glass substrate. Continue reading