If you want to have a good and remarkable spy monitoring application, you can choose Flexispy as your first choice. This application is a useful that can help you in monitoring all the computer usage. Additionally, there are many features that you can get if you install this application other than monitoring your computer. One of the examples of the feature provided by this application is that you can restrict some web pages you think are unnecessary and also see the computer internet usage in the form of a log report. In this article we will try to describe the features of this amazing computer spy application in a more detailed way, so here are the features.

Flexispy features and Benefits for Your Computer

The first example of Flexispy feature is Online Control Panel for viewing computer logs. This feature can give access to your computer to other computer via internet. This feature is available for you if you need to monitor your computer when you are not in front of your own computer. The Control Panel feature is suitable for people who work in far distance and they need to check the security of the computer. With this feature you can check the important data inside the computer and if there are suspicious activities or changes in your computer, you can easily block the computer and the computer will automatically shut down.

Live Monitoring is the second example of Flexispy feature, this feature is usually being used for people who have children inside their house. Many people worried about their children when they accessing the computer and using the internet while their parents are not inside the house. If your children playing some games or browse some information for their school task from the internet it is a positive things to do, however, it will be troubling if they try to accessing some web page that are not suitable for their age, if it happens they must be stopped and the parent must give their children wise advice. Therefore, having this spy application can help you in monitoring your children internet usage and even restrict website that will give bad influence for your children.

The third function of Flexispy is Logged Monitoring. This features is specialist for see the log activities from any browser. Usually, if you want to browse any information in the internet, you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for your browser. These two browsers becomes the most used browse because the file size is quite small and these browsers are can be installed with any add-on such as Flexispy with Logged Monitoring. This application can show the history about the website visited, Facebook, My Space, chat, and application instated history.

Filter and Control is the last features of this monitor application. These features can block any website, social network, chat and even application. Usually, this feature is being used by people who have children inside their house. Therefore, if you buy computer for your children, you can install this spy application to watch and control your children internet usage. This spy application is suitable application for you because it offers small data size and easy to use. Additionally, the Flexispy is provided with great stealth feature that can help you in monitoring without being detected.

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