A little review of history to become a benchmark in the development of photographic technology, the development of cameras that look significant, can only be distinguished after the camera releases the next period in its development that relies on technology that makes the photographic process. Concrete examples of the most significant role in the changing world of photography are the film cameras and digital SLR (single-lens reflex) cameras. Both are the result of civilization in the world photography, which one has advantages and disadvantages of each.

On a film camera, of course, any users are faced with the fact that the use of film cameras are required to pay the printing costs with uncertain results. This is the highest risk for users of film cameras. In addition, before taking the picture, the user must prepare the film camera negative film roll and set it up properly. If not done properly, then the result can not be printed and will only produce a dark color.

Things like that make the photographers switched to using digital SLR cameras. Gains more and just accept a little risk. In addition, technological developments have also been easier for the users of digital SLR cameras to help the continuation of the targeting process images digitally. On the use of digital SLR cameras, the results can already be seen in the original to be printed exactly like that.

Besides, the advantage on other digital SLR camera is able to edit and fix photos if it is needed. So that the authenticity of the photos can be engineered to be better. This is what is much needed at this time and reduces the risk of a mismatch between when shooting with the results. Even level of illumination and background can also be repaired.

Another convenience factor is given by a digital SLR camera is that it’s possible to print trump storage. All digital images, indeed thousands, can be stored on a personal computer or memory stick, thus saving storage space of time attached to the album and the album. It also has greater benefits in terms of use, for example, pictures can be taken directly to the web without having to be scanned in.

Digital images also facilitate the collection of a large number of archive documents in a short time, which is needed in a short time. Incredibly, it did not spend all the comfort of an expensive cost.

Although the digital SLR camera has various levels in accordance with its sophistication, but still standard SLR cameras are at a higher comfort level than film cameras. Although the price of digital cameras is above the price of film cameras, but when compared with the level of comfort, then the price paid by many-fold.

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