When someone hears the word barbecue and grill, what first thought is: that both (barbecue and grill) is the same; both from the results, how to manufacture, and the ingredients are cooked. Even if the list of menus in some restaurants and ordered two different types of roasting ways, such as the same result. indeed not a few who argue that between the barbecue and grill only a synonym, means that however, the barbecue and grill does not have a good reason and clear evidence to distinguish. Yes, maybe it applies to today, but not for now. Because these are what must be known to be able to distinguish between the grill and barbecue.

Grill is the way of cooking that has been known since long time and has become a favorite of many people, even in many countries. It can be seen on the grill dishes that are easily found in various countries. What characterizes the grilling are:

  • That uses direct heat grilling, such as from charcoal and firewood. So that the heat generated at a higher level than the stove. Using direct heat grilling like this could be used for grilling meats with varying thickness. If grilling the meat with a medium thickness or thin inclined, then you should not be left them behind. Because with direct heat, increase the likelihood of burn on the meat placed on the grill.
  • That grilling requires a shorter time. For an average time of roasting (meat medium thickness and thin), it only takes about 20 minutes or less.
  • That the heat grilling using a higher temperature, which is about 500 degrees Celsius. There are also some people who argue that temperature heat used in grilling is about 232-288 degrees Celsius. This is the reason that grilling only spent a shorter time.

While what characterizes the barbecue are:

  • That the barbecue using indirect heat. Barbecue with indirect heat is generally used for larger cuts of meat. This produces a lower heat than a stove. Because the barbecue is meat that is made of thick meat and use low-level heat, then you can relax with being left on the grill to talk with relatives in attendance at the barbecue in the backyard of the house.
  • That barbecue takes a longer time. Ranging from hours and hours, even days. So, do not be surprised when you hear that in doing barbecue could spend up to two weeks.
  • The barbecue that rely on low heat rate, which is about 225 degrees Celsius or less. There are also some people who argue that the benchmark low heat while making barbecue is 93-150 degrees Celsius. This is the reason that barbecue takes a lot longer to ripen the meat.

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